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CO2 Condensation

Condensation of CO2 in heat exchangers and separators occurs in processes for liquefaction of a CO2-rich gas phase, for example to increase purity of the gas, to meet ship transportation specification.

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Through multiscale modelling and experimental activity, SINTEF works with combining nanotechnology with CCS process technology to increase efficiency of CO2 condensation.

What's our expertise?

  • Experiments for manufacturing of nanostructured surfaces (in collaboration with NTNU Nanolab)
  • Experimental optimization of liquefaction on nanostructured surfaces
  • Molecular simulation of condensation using classical nucleation theory (droplet theory)

The methods we use

We have worked with liquefaction of gases in over 30 years. Now the time has come to a step change in liquefaction efficiency. SINTEF works with nanostructured surfaces to promote droplet condensation in process equipment and testing of these in an experimental setup for CO2 liquefaction.


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Relevant projects

  • NanoDrop
  • NextSep (EU H2020 application)