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Multi-level governance analysis

SINTEF researches multilevel governance structures, both vertically and horizontally, and the fragmentation of the global governance arena.

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The vertical dimension refers to the global arena from the UN to the municipal sphere and the links between these, and the local capacity building that is necessary to translate global ambitions into local realities. The horizontal dimension refers to initiatives that go across these dimensions and includes private actors and orchestration by the state and collaboration between sectors across multiple time frames of a given issue area. For plastics for example, how can we transfer global ambitions for plastic management from the UN level (both treaties and sustainability goals) to the communal and private level? How do business-driven management processes affect countries' initiatives? Methods we use: Literature studies, workshops and in-depth interviews with experts are used when we analyse different governance levels within a given area - be it fisheries, plastic, climate or biodiversity - and the interplay and overlaps between these, as well as the impact this has on regime efectiveness.

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