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Marine Operations for Installation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines

Marine Operations for Installation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines

SINTEF provides solutions to analyze different marine operation scenarios for offshore wind application. The solutions can be provided by two means: model tests and numerical simulation.

SINTEF has tools for numerical modelling of hydrodynamic response of slender marine structure and large volume floating structures. Standard coupling wires for towing and lifting, winches, cranes, fender/bumper/docking cone contact and ballast system can all be modeled. Combination of the tools provide solution for numerical simulation of the different marine operations with body motion and line tension reported. With upper limit of the allowed motion and tension specified, the limiting sea states of performing a particular operation can be identified. 3D visualization of the simulation is available.

Ocean Basin Laboratory

The Ocean Basin Laboratory is used for basic and applied research on marine structures and operations. A total environmental simulation including wind, waves and current offers a unique possibility for testing of models in realistic conditions. Model tests of wet towing, up-pending and lifting operations can be performed in the basin.

Research fields

  • Installation methods for fixed and floating offshore wind turbines.
  • Analysis and model testing of tow out
  • Repair and replacement methods for large components on offshore turbines.
  • Transfer of personnel from vessels to offshore wind turbines (walk-to-work)



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