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Design and Verification of Offshore Wind Turbines

SINTEF has an important role in the development of concepts for offshore wind turbines. Since 2005, when the first model of Hywind Demo was tested in SINTEF Ocean's Ocean Basin, we have had offshore wind as a prioritized research area and constantly developed numerical and experimental methods for design and verification of offshore wind turbines

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SINTEF offers several services related to offshore wind turbines.

1. Global analysis, conceptual evaluation and design optimization:

  • Experimental and theoretical studies
  • Assessment of foundations and floater configurations including mooring system
  • Optimization of concepts
  • Model tests for system verification
  • Hydrodynamic loads
  • Structural responses (ULS/ALS/FLS)
  • Analysis of motions and loads of marine structures
  • Mooring analysis

2. Component analysis/testing

  • Hydrodynamic model tests for components
  • Specialist studies (CFD)
  • Assessment of wave loads on bottom fixed and floating wind turbines

3. Development and application of numerical methods and simulations tools

4. Development of experimental methods

  • ReaTHM for aerodynamic loads
  • Slamming loads, extreme events



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