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Environmental acoustics

Community noise is an environmental problem in our modern society. The best way to diminish this nuisance is through good planning, noise minimisation, and taking account of people's reactions to noise. The Acoustics group has great experience and state of the art knowledge about noise from outdoor sources like the transportation sector, industry and military activities. Our expertise covers all aspects of sound emission at the source, calculation of sound propagation in outdoor environments, and the effect of noise on humans.

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During recent years we have made significant contributions to Norwegian and international research, that includes common methodology for prediction of noise from road, railway, industry, wind turbine, and helicopter noise. We also contribute to the international scientific community within the field of noise annoyance and regulations. Our group has also developed several advanced software tools for stakeholders and users outside SINTEF to easily develop noise maps that suit their purposes.

Public Health

Excessive environmental noise exposure is a major health concern and may lead to diseases such as heart diseases. Our goal is to generate knowledge about annoying and harmful noise to facilitate better public health and well-being in the population.

Noise calculation

More precise methods for noise calculation are needed in order to improve compliance with governmental noise limits with better data. Our main measure along this path is to combine research on more precise methods with service orientation of noise calculations. This is the SINTEF Noise Calculator initiative. The purpose is to make generation of noise maps and facts about air traffic noise more efficient and available to everybody concerned. The service shall provide for required documentation on noise that is involved with land use planning, building and construction approval etc.

This initiative supports the long-term goal of digitalization of technical services in the society. The goal for the development of the service model is to reduce effort, consumption and cost by omitting the need for manual work in standardised noise calculation done in accordance with the regulations.

Sustainable Societies

Sustainable societies are now more than ever an important focus area, all over the world. It is a fair estimate that the increment of noise is linear to the growth of the population. There is ongoing research on noise reducing road surfaces that can also reduce microplastic waste from tires. There are already promising results for surfaces that lower the tire resistant in order to reduce energy consumption.

Contact persons

Herold Olsen (methodology)
Mats Giske (project development)
Truls Berge (road traffic noise)
Leo Hauge (road traffic & airplane noise)
Idar Granøyen (airplane noise)
Rolf Tore Randeberg (airplane noise)
Karen Brastad Evensen (airplane noise)
Truls Gjestland (annoyance)

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