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Scalability analysis

Scalability is the ability to increase the capacity of software service by consuming more hardware resources. The capacity is the maximum workload this software service can handle as bound by its SLA (Service Level Agreement). Scalability problems are often deeply rooted in the service architecture, and may therefore be expensive to fix if they remain undetected. SINTEF develops methods for analysing the scalability of services.

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  • The CloudScale project (coordinated by SINTEF - see developed methods and tools to assess the scalability of cloud services, so that inferior scalability is discovered early. Cloud computing providers theoretically offer unlimited cloud resources. However, scalability also depends on the control and data flow of the software services.
  • The ScrumScale project will describe a method that reduces the cost of handling scalability during agile software development. EVRY is the project leader of ScrumScale. Powel and Altinn/Brønnøysundregistrene participate. SINTEF is the research partner. ScrumScale receives funding from the Norwegian Research Council and will last until September 2019.