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ICT for Transport and Logistics

Transport logistics is a vital part of the complete supply chain for all kinds of goods. There is a big potential both for the commercial actors as well for the society to make the goods transport more sustainable, safe and secure.

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This will require a better and more seamless cooperation between the different actors. Both the understanding of the business models of others as well as an integration of information systems and services are needed.

More transport for less traffic is a vision that would benefit all the actors. This requires that the traffic management functions and systems must be connected to the logistics services management and freight transport management functions and systems. The understanding of the business models linked with a good understanding of the information and communication technology available for the transport sector is essential for being able to support the actors in establishing well-working relationships.

SINTEF ICT has the knowledge and experience from the work with traffic management and freight transport management needed to support the future technology deployment in the area of ICT for transport logistics. This includes the experience of technology development and the experience of addressing interoperability issues by means of a framework for the purpose.

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