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Sustainable use of concrete

Does your company want to develop the next generation of concrete structures? SINTEF has certification schemes and laboratories to test and develop new solutions. Our vision is durable concrete structures with a low environmental impact.

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SINTEF works continuously with product development and research for more sustainable concrete. Many factors affect the sustainability and climate footprint of concrete.

We focus on:

  • Optimized design for reduced material use
  • New materials, especially binders, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recycling and reuse of materials, material components, and entire building components
  • Leaching from concrete with various waste-based aggregates and binders
  • Increased service life, which reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Improved production processes and execution, both in element factories and in site casting
  • Improved repair processes
  • Digitization of processes associated with concrete production, operation, and maintenance

To get one step closer to sustainable concrete, we depend on small and large players in the industry to take the lead and join us in developing the next generation of concrete structures.

For those who dare to challenge existing guidelines, SINTEF can help you enter the market with new solutions with the help of our certification schemes and laboratories.

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