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SINTEF has the professional capacity and expertise needed to solve any task concerning concrete, from small assignments to large R&D projects.

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Together with private and public actors, we minimize the environmental impact and lifetime costs for buildings and infrastructure. We know of the public funding opportunities for R&D projects and are happy to contribute when designing applications and offer assistance in both ideas and project development. We collaborate with several universities and research institutes, nationally and internationally.

We offer:

  • research consulting and inquiries
  • laboratory and field investigations
  • damage assessments and condition control
  • numerical analyzes

We have world leading laboratories and facilities - see the specifics on our projectpage EnDurCon.





Slag to replace cement in concrete? Yes, please!

Slag to replace cement in concrete? Yes, please!

The addition of slag has been shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from concrete manufacture by more than 95 per cent. Researchers have now discovered that the concrete delivers.

New concrete from old buildings

New concrete from old buildings

Christian John Engelsen at SINTEF is teaching the world to recycle demolition rubble to make new concrete. Anything and everything can be recycled, he says. What takes time is getting people on board.