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Management of water and sewer infrastructure

Norwegian municipalities will spend almost NOK 200 billion on maintaining the water supply networks over the next 20 years. SINTEF assists the municipalities in taking the step from an analog to a digital water industry.

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The water and sewer system is critical for supplying the population with clean drinking water and protecting the environment from pollution. The infrastructure is built to last at least one hundred years, so development decisions and investments must be the best possible.

We work within the following fields:

  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Risk identification, analysis, and management
  • Error prediction
  • Condition assessment
  • Cost assessment
  • Long-term infrastructure planning Rehabilitation and renovation techniques
  • Hydraulic modeling in connection with water quality and corrosion

The methods we use are:

Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) is a process developed to assist the municipalities in the maintenance and development of the water and sewerage infrastructure. SINTEF helped develop IAM for Norwegian water and sewer infrastructure and is developing the methodology in many areas. The purpose is, among other things, is to ensure that the pipes are replaced at the right time - not too late or too early. IAM also contributes to improving the service quality of the water and sewer systems.

The IAM methodology develops with the digitalization of the water industry. The aim is to increase the degree of monitoring and control, the hygienic safety of the water supply, the accuracy of measures, and reduce the response time when emergency measures are needed. The water and sewer industry's biggest challenge is an aging physical infrastructure. Big data can help quantify the condition of the piping, and the use of sensors and artificial intelligence will help municipalities reduce leaks and improve the service quality. 

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF contributes with industry knowledge, digital knowledge, and expert knowledge of the water supply.