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Concrete - Product development

We are researching all sub-materials in concrete; binders, additives, and aggregates.

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Binders and additives
SINTEF assists with the development of new types of cement. Our expertise in binder agents includes both conditions during the production of cement clinker in the rotary kiln, including the use of the rotary kiln to destroy problem waste and the production of mixed cement in the mill. We also have knowledge on the influence of additives on the cement's rheology and reactivity.

We have extensive experience in the development and documentation of various additives (substances> 5% of cement weight, such as silica fume, fly ash, slag, and calcined clay), either for blended cement production or as a partial replacement of cement in concrete. This includes studies of reactivity, microstructure, strength development, and influence on the durability of the concrete.

SINTEF also has expertise in special binders such as aluminate cement, geopolymers, and calcined clay.

SINTEF has broad and unique expertise in concrete aggregates, both natural aggregates, crushed aggregates, and lightweight aggregates, including how different aggregates affect the concrete's castability, mechanical properties, and durability. We are happy to assist aggregate and concrete producers in improving and documenting the aggregate's properties.

We have extensive experience optimizing material compositions in general and for particular purposes. It also includes the development of concrete with unique properties, such as ultra-high strength, high ductility (fiber concrete), good functionality, low dead weight, etc.

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