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Concrete: Documentation of materials and products

We can test and document all sub-materials for concrete, as well as concrete products and concrete of different origins.

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Together with our partners, we perform testing according to the most relevant standards (mainly EN standards).

Typical assignments include

  • Determine concrete quality, cause of damage, and extent of damage in connection with damage cases or rehabilitation
  • Determine the achieved concrete quality in new constructions
  • Testing of cement, aggregates, and other sub-materials for concrete production
  • Sample mix and documentation of concrete for large building and construction projects • Documentation of conditions of use under the National Addendum to NS-EN 206 for new cement and other binders • Documentation of a higher k-factor for fly ash or slag than that specified in the National Addendum to NS-EN 206
  • Determine technical properties for concrete-related products as a basis for product certification under EN standards
  • Determine technical properties as a basis for issuing SINTEF Technical Approval (TG) for concrete-related products

More about product certification and Technical Approval at SINTEF Certification

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