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Building Process

The building process includes all the processes throughout a structure's life cycle, from strategic definition, programming, concept and detailed design - to construction, hand-over, operation and maintenance, and finally, disposal.

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Does your company want to shape future construction processes together with the expertise from SINTEF? We offer research, development and innovation expertise, and develop process-related solutions for the construction industry.

We work within the following fields:

  • Industrialization
  • Standardization
  • Project and design management
  • Quality in the construction process
  • Digitization
  • Technology utilization
  • Integrated processes and interaction
  • Leadership and learning in a life course perspective
  • Streamlining
  • Architecture and building customs

Why do we need research for better construction processes?
The entire value chain in the construction industry meets new demands regarding competence and management, innovation, and the ability to change. These demands affect authorities and builders, architects and consultants, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers.

The construction processes affect:

  • Choice of solutions that consider environmental and climate challenges, health and welfare, migration, and urbanization.
  • Value creation, international competitiveness, and productivity
  • Corporate profitability
  • The quality, efficiency, and goal achievement of the projects 

A good construction process is a success criterion for a successful result with high quality and satisfied users.

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF has been a knowledge supplier for over sixty years in the construction process field. In a rapidly changing and increasingly internationally competitive construction industry, construction process-related research and innovation are more important than ever. Both authorities and industry call for increased competence. The construction process is a designated focus area in SINTEF.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the construction process area with internal and external research partners. Our contribution is both as researchers and specialist advisers.