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Oslo Science City Arena conference – The Future of Energy is Green and Digital

Welcome to this Oslo Science City Arena event hosted by the University of Oslo. Together we build the future of energy.


Georg Sverdrups hus, Campus Blindern
Moltke Moes vei 39, 0851 Oslo
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Building the energy systems of the future requires collaboration across sectors and disciplines, and The Future of Energy is Green and Digital launches a new arena at the intersection of the energy transition and digital solutions. The conference is held at the University of Oslo, in the heart of Norway’s first innovation district Oslo Science City.  

We invite leading representatives from academia, industry, start-ups, the public sector, and finance to join the voices shaping these discussions – in Oslo, Norway, Europe and beyond. We are proud to feature opening addresses by the Norwegian minister for climate and environment Andreas Bjelland Eriksen, alongside high-level political representation of the European Green Deal and internationally renowned expert keynotes, such as Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport, BloombergNEF, Adel El Gammal, Secretary General, European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and Heidi Sørensen, Director, City of Oslo Climate Agency.  

Day 1 develops our understanding of four key challenges, the solutions to which enable the future energy systems. First: The accelerated, massive ramp-up of renewable energy. Second: Storage capacity and flexibility to tackle intermittent sources. Third: The future power grid is complex, demanding balancing acts and optimization. Fourth: The future of energy must be built for the people to meet societal needs.  

Day 2 is dedicated to learning from future-oriented transition initiatives in different settings. The first session focuses on cities as a key to solving transition challenges, showcasing progress, sharing experiences and best practices. Session two invites Ukrainian, Norwegian, and European partners to discuss the green and digital future of a sovereign Ukrainian energy system.  

You will meet leading experts from industry, research institutes and academia, providing insight and charting pathways forward. National and international contributions cover policy aspects, industrial transformation, and transition governance, completing a solutions-oriented showcase across the innovation value chain - from research to knowledge in use.  

Join us in the Oslo Science City Arena and help us shape the conversation. The Future of Energy is Green and Digital. 


Full program to be announced soon.

Register now: Oslo Science City Arena - The Future of Energy is Green and Digital - Nettskjema

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Moltke Moes vei 39, 0851 Oslo