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Workshop on data analysis and decision support

Workshop on data analysis and decision support

Welcome to a free and interesting workshop on data analysis and decision support.

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Digital equipment, AI, VR and analytics are new enabling technologies available for industrial organizations. How do organizations use and adapt these new technologies that are currently under development in the digital era?

As partners of the competence project CPS Plant we are continuing a series of competence workshops. We are happy to invite you to a free and interesting workshop at Hydro the 5th of March 2020. 


  • 09.00 Register, coffee and mingling
  • 09.30 Introduction to the topic; by Per Schjølberg, Ass. Professor at NTNU and Project responsible for this sessions Ragnhild Eleftheriadis, Research Scientist at SINTEF
  • 09.45 Hydro, Anders Stenhagen, HR BR Hydro Primary Metal; Datafangst og analyser, linken mellom datafangst og beslutninger i et HR perspektiv
  • 10.15 Hydro, Arnt Johnsen, Work Stream Manager Casthouse 4.0; Viktigheten av unormalitets deteksjoner i Hydro
  • 10.45 Break
  • 11.00 McKinsey, Sverre Fjeldstad, Partner, McKinsey; Bruken av data; fra digitalisering til beslutning
  • 11.30 SINTEF, Erik Borgen, Senior Research Scientist SINTEF;Planlegging & oppfølgingssystemer for produksjon
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 12.45 Schaeffler, Greg Burns, Specialist Engineer, Schaeffler Nordics – Industry 4.0 Solutions; Putting digitalization into practice
  • 13.15 SINTEF, Odd Myklebust, CPS Plant Project Manager and Research Director, SINTEF Manufacturing; Autonomous quality goals & KPI's as decision goals for making a European Platform – the QU4LITY project
  • 13.45 Break
  • 14.00 SAP M11 – Pål Engebretsen, Senior Solution Sales Executive, Business Analytics SAP Norge as; Manufacturing Integration and intelligence
  • 14.45 Summary of the day – Per Schjølberg, NTNU, Odd Myklebust, SINTEF & Arnt Johnsen, Hydro
  • 15.00 End

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Hydro Vækerø
Drammensveien 260, 0283 Oslo, Building F
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Workshop on data analysis and decision support. Photo: Pixabay
Workshop on data analysis and decision support. Photo: Pixabay
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