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Webinar: Evaluation of turbo compressor performance for a water based HTHP to be utilized in solar assisted heat supply

Heating demands in the Norwegian industry are still to a large degree covered via fossil fuel sources, such as natural gas or oil, or using inefficient electric heaters and boilers.


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Presenter: Ole Marius Moen, SINTEF

At the same time, the same heat-intensive industries generate a significant amount of waste heat which could be upgraded and re-used back into the process using High-Temperature Heat Pumps (HTHPs).

HTHPs will therefore significantly contribute to reducing industrial emissions, but also to improving energy efficiency through utilization of waste heat, and to reducing the load on the electrical grid.

HighEFF, in collaboration with the EU project FRIENDSHIP, is currently developing and experimenting with HTHP cycles to cover industrial heating demand up to 200 °C based on compact high-speed steam turbo-compressors.

This webinar will present the results from the ongoing work to characterize and map the performance of the compressors.

The webinars will be open to all consortium members.

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