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Clean energy export from Norway – opportunities and challenges


Litteraturhuset, Oslo
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Norway’s external trade in goods relies heavily on the export of fossil fuel to Europe. The decarbonization of the European energy system will therefore impact the future trade balance of Norway. Norway has also access to vast renewable energy sources through regulated hydro power and wind power, and in addition the potential to store significant amounts of CO2 on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. This allows Norway both to decarbonize its energy exports in the form of electricity, hydrogen, or natural gas with committed CO2 import, while supporting Europe in decarbonizing their energy system.

Energy export of multiple, different energy carriers have strong couplings, requiring a holistic analyses to prevent bias and suboptimal infrastructure development. The project CleanExport investigated the holistic planning of clean energy export from Norway to Europe to facilitate the energy transition. We invite industry, researchers and academics, interest organizations and public authorities where we will present key messages from the project and have panel discussions centered around the following topics:

  1. Hydrogen, renewable electricity, and natural gas with CCS: how can economically efficient and sustainable supporting value chains be developed?
  2. Adapting to the transition of the European energy system: what are key drivers and sectors that are likely to affect future energy export from Norway to Europe?
  3. State-of-the-art of energy system modeling: Which analysis capabilities do we need going forward with decarbonization of the Norwegian energy export?

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Wergelandsveien 29, Oslo