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Webinar: Thermochemical storage: Opportunities and challenges to enable decarbonisation

Thermochemical Energy Storage is a promising technology with great potential to enable decarbonization. It has higher energy storage capacity than other alternatives such as sensible or latent heat storage systems, but still has some research gaps to be addressed before its commercialization.


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Presenter: Jorge Salgado Beceiro, SINTEF Energi

In this presentation, an overview of TCES is presented together with the main challenges and opportunities that are addressed in different ongoing projects and initiatives.

We hereby invite you to the HighEFF Webinar series, which will be held every second Wednesday 11:30 (Central European Time) through Teams. The webinars will start with 20-30 minutes presentation of topics related to HighEFF's thematic areas, and continue with questions and discussions until 12:30 latest. 

The webinars will be open to all consortium members.

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