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Webinar: SkaleUP - Industrial HTHP for simultaneous cooling and heating

In this webinar, Christian Schlemminger presents the main results from development and operation of a high temperature heat pump for low grade waste heat utilisation and upgrade of HighEFF Spin-off SkaleUP.


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Presenter: Christian Schlemminger, SINTEF Energi 

SkaleUP can produce ice-water or utilise waste heat while producing pressurised hot water up to 115°C. The reduced energy consumption due to HTHP implementation, compared to the direct electric heating is in the order of 50 to 60%. CO2-emission reduction potential for the dairy case with direct electric heating (Norwegian energy mix) is about 55%, for natural gas substitution. CO2-emission saving increase to about 97% for substituting an oil/diesel fired heat supply system.

We hereby invite you to the HighEFF Webinar series, which will be held every second Wednesday 11:30 (Central European Time) through Teams – see meeting link below. The webinars will start with 20-30 minutes presentation of topics related to HighEFF's thematic areas, and continue with questions and discussions until 12:30 latest. The webinars will be open to all consortium members.

The webinars will be open to all consortium members.

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