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Webinar: Biochar from Seaweed for Metal Production

We start the new year with a special edition of the HighEFF Webinar.


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We hereby invite you to a webinar to share the results from our NEC projec titled "Biochar from Seaweed for Metal Production”. In addition to sharing our results we also hope to discuss opportunities available for the further development of biochar from seaweed as an alternative source of biocarbon for the metal industry. 

09:00 Welcome and purpose: Samuel Senanu, SINTEF Industri

Other presenters:
Jorunn Skjermo, SINTEF Ocean
Judit Sandquist, SINTEF Energi
Magnus K. Windfeldt, SINTEF Energi
Stein Rørvik, SINTEF Industri
Aud N. Wærnes, SINTEF Industri

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