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Privacy Policy

When you register for this ETAPAS seminar, we ask you to provide the following person data: Name, affiliation, and email address.

Data controller is SINTEF, the organizer of the event. Data registration is conducted through Microsoft Forms with which SINTEF has a data processing agreement in compliance with current privacy regulation.

SINTEF will use your person data to provide you with needed information and follow-ups related to the seminar or (provided your explicit consent) to information about other ETAPAS events or results. We will not share your person data with others without your prior consent.

You can at any time ask us about which data we have stored about you or request us to remove these data. If you have questions regarding data processing or privacy at the ETAPAS seminar, or you wish for us to remove registered data, please do not hesitate to get in touch using this contact information.

Best regards Asbjørn Følstad (SINTEF),
co-organizer of the ETAPAS seminar