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Introduction to Virtual FCS library a multi-scale cyber-physical platform for designing and optimising fuel cell battery hybrid systems

VIRTUAL-FCS is an EU FCH JU project that aims to make the design process of hybrid fuel cell and battery systems easier, cheaper, and quicker. For that, a toolkit combining a system model with X-in-the-loop capabilities has been developed for designing and optimizing PEM fuel cells and battery hybrid systems.


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The platform utilizes the OpenModelica modelling environment and is entirely open source, allowing everyone in both industry and research to benefit from and contribute to the future development of the framework. In this presentation, they will introduce the Virtual-FCS platform. They will discuss the capabilities of some of the foundational models developed in the project and demonstrate a use-case simulating the performance of a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) powertrain. The model can be for instance also implemented to simulate hybrid systems as the powertrain of a vessel for offshore applications.

Yash Raka, Research Scientist
Electrochemical Energy Conversion and System Solution, SINTEF Industry

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