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HighEFF Cross-Sector Workshop 2022

We are pleased to invite all consortium members to HighEFF Cross-Sector Workshop 19-20 October.


Thon Hotel Prinsen
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The 2022 Cross-Sector Workshop will be held at Thon Hotel Prinsen, right in the city centre of Trondheim.

The programme will be engaging and varied, with sector-wise sessions Wednesday and an interactive workshop Thursday. Focus will be towards how the research in the remaining period of HighEFF (2023 and 2024) can strengthen the overall target achievement in the centre, and by that also preparing the ground for a continuation of HighEFF. Each of the sector-wise sessions will have dedicated industrial presentations as well as highlights from the research in HighEFF. The workshop Thursday will focus particularly on target achievement in and beyond HighEFF.

If you cannot join us in person, you can sign up for the plenum sessions that will be broadcast through Microsoft Teams, though with somewhat limited participation possibilities. But, we hope you can find the occasion to attend physically!                     

Wednesday 19 October:
08:30  Registration
 Welcome and keynote
  Metal industry
10:45  Break
Oil, gas and energy
12:15  Lunch
  Food and chemicals
14:15  Break
14:45  Industry Cluster
15:45  Break
16:15  Suppliers
17:15  Closure
19:00  Dinner at Emilies Eld Restaurant & Bar

Thursday 20 October:
08:30  Registration
  HighEFF's goals
10:00  Break
10:30  Workshop - group sessions
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Closure

The workshop is for HighEFF partners only.

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Kongens gate 30, 7012 Trondheim