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ENOUGH Webinar - Results and highlights

Welcome to a webinar in ENOUGH, where we present some of the results and highlights from the project's first year.


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The project is in its second year and there have been many activities in all parts of the project. In June we had the annual meeting, where we met in person in Trondheim, Norway. It was very good to see so many and we also got to know the project even better. Next annual meeting will be in June next year, but we have decided to have this webinar before that, to share results and highlights from the project.  You will hear a little from all the work packages and several of the partners.

The webinar will be open to others as well, to spread the knowledge. We will record the webinar, if someone can't join but wants to see it later.


ENOUGH: reducing GHG emissions in the food value chain
-Kristina N. Widell (SINTEF)

ENOUGH methodology to estimate 2050 emissions from the European food supply chain
-Yosr Allouche, Hameed Al-Muhammedawi, Xinfang Wang (IIR, UoB)

The road to 2050 and net zero emissions, the role of roadmaps.
-Alan Foster (LSBU)

Non-technical aspects to reduce emissions from farm gate to plate
-Graciela Alvarez, Denis Leducq (INRAE)


The Smart Data System: digital interoperability and trust in food supply chains
-Massimiliano Pirani (UNIVPM)

Overview demonstrators - what has been done the first year and further plans
-Silvia Minetto (CNR)

Description of one of the demonstrators

Policy brief and report on national policies
-Inmaculada Martínez Zarzoso (UoG)

Collaboration with sister projects in EU
-Kristina N. Widell (SINTEF)


The presenters will have time for a few questions directly after their presentation. You will also be able to post questions in the chat.

Pdfs of the presentations will be shared afterwards.


You are welcome to share this information with your colleagues and others that are interested.

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