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Construction and utilisation of a geological and geomechanical model of the Southern North Sea focusing on the Bunter Sandstone

The British Geological Survey is a world leader in CCS with over 20 years' experience at the forefront of CO2 storage research and includes the largest dedicated UK storage research group.


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 Gareth Williams and Jim White will present their work on geological and geomechanical modelling of the Southern North Sea, with focus on the Bunter Sandstone.

The Bunter Sandstone Formation in the Southern North Sea is an important potential CO2 storage reservoir and is likely to form an integral part of the UK’s carbon capture and storage ambition.

Within a recent study, a geological and geomechanical model of the Bunter Sandstone formation has been constructed and utilised for modelling studies evaluating key storage uncertainties and planning future data acquisition.

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