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Webinar: Digital Twin solutions – example of application in process industry

In this webinar, experts from Cybernetica , SINTEF and Hydro share their experience from working with Digital Twin solutions for applications in process industry. Results from the EU H2020 project CogniTwin Hydro pilot case will be presented.


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The Gas Treatment Centre (GTC) at Hydro’s aluminium production facilities is responsible both for cleaning exhaust fumes of HF and for effective recycling of fluoride. Stable composition of the fluorinated alumina produced by the GTC is crucial for the aluminium production process. To improve process efficiency and optimise use of resources, CogniTwin’s Hydro pilot is automating and improving GTC operation by developing novel Digital Twin- and sensor-based solutions.

The event is a collaboration with Tekna Big Data.



  • 10:00: Introduction by Dr. Frode Brakstad (SINTEF)
  • 10:10: GTC in Symbiosis with Electrolysis: Hybrid Digital Twin for Stable Alumina Fluorination at Aluminium Production Plant – Joint presentation by Cybernetica (Dr. Sudi Jawahery/Dr. Stein O. Wasbø) SINTEF and Hydro
  • 10:50: Q&A
  • 11:00: End of meeting

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