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SOLAR ENERGY Webinar- System Integration with Energy Carrier

Integrating intermittent energy sources such as solar energy into energy systems require systems that are able to balance the energy production to the demand. This can be done by integrating the solar energy with different types of storage solutions and energy carriers.


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This webinar will present examples of how different energy carriers, such as batteries, hydrogen or thermal energy can be used to store and utilize the solar energy on site, both in off-grid and grid connected systems. In addition, the webinar will address how PV forecasting can be used in estimating the energy production and improve the energy management of such energy systems.


  • Introduction v/Mari Juel, SINTEF Industry
  • The use of PV in the REMOTE off-grid energy system at Rye, Trøndelag v/Bernhard Kvaal, Trønder Energi
  • PV forecasting v/Steve Völler, NTNU
  • Integration of battery and thermal energy storage with PV systems: example of VGS Tiller and the ZEB Lab v/Alexis Sevault, SINTEF Energy
  • Q&A

Organized by: Mari Juel, Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF Industry, NTNU and Gemini centre-Solar Cells and Solenergiklyngen

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