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SOLAR ENERGY Webinar- Building integrated PV

This webinar will give you an overview of the enormous potential solar energy can have in improving the energy performance of buildings and also about how it can be used to create buildings that are better to live in.


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Some questions we will address are: How do we assess the effectiveness of solar energy in buildings and what are the barriers for a larger upscaling of building integrated PV in Norway? Can PV contribute to good architecture and how do they work in Europe to find good building technical solutions? We will also hear from a Norwegian company that has had great success with its R&D activity and the Norwegian policy instruments 



  • Introduction v/Steinar Grynning SINTEF   

  • Solar Energy in Urban Environment: Opportunities, Challenges and Barriers  v/Gabriele Lobaccaro NTNU 

  • Solar indicator for buldings  what are the potentials of solar energy in the building mass? v/Ellika Taveres-Cachat SINTEF 

  • PV - New design guildeline in the Byggforsk series v/Birgit Risholt SINTEF (in norwegian) 

  • Architecturally attractive BIPV using high eff. coloured modules v/Tore Kolås SINTEF 

  • 4Rin EU – how can PV be integrated in prefabricated modules in an efficient way? v/Kari Thunshelle SINTEF 

  • Solar  An innovation projecwhere we develop standardized mounting solutions for BIPV panels v/Sigbjørn Reigstad LOBAS (in Norwegian) 

Organisers: Steinar Grynning, Research Manager at SINTEF Community and Gabriele Lobaccaro, Associate Professor at NTNU, Dept. of Environmental and Civil Engineering and Solenergiklyngen.

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