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Recycling of Pot Gas from AIuminium Electrolysis Cells II

Workshop for HighEFF partners


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This workshop wil consist of these topics:

  • Heat Balance and Pot Gas composition
  • Opportunities and Challenges with Pot Gas Recycling
  • CO to CO2 Catalyser
  • Heat Exchanger for PGR
  • Pot Integrated Abart (PIA) Implementation via AGATE
  • Future CCSU Opportunities for the Aluminium industry.


  • 9.00 Welcome and purpose of work shop
  • 9.10 Energy Balance and Pot Gas comp.
  • 10.00 Opportunities and Challenges with PGR
  • 10.30 Break 10 min
  • 10.40 CO to CO2 Converter for PGR
  • 11.00 Heat Exchanger and Energy recovery
  • 11.30 Lunch Break 
  • 12.00 PIA Implementation via AGATE
  • 12.20 Future CCSU Opportunities for Aluminium Ind.
  • 12.40 Feedbacks, comments and Discussions
  • 13.30 End of workshop

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