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The Big AI Breakfast: How is Ai going to change Norwegian industry forever?

We have all experienced disappearing into the rabbit hole on the internet. An algorithm can easily make us watch five videos more than we should have or persuade us to buy a jacket we don't need.


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The world's leading e-commerce giant, Amazon, understood early on the importance of optimizing and automating. Now the company is establishing itself in Sweden. The enormous power that a single company like Amazon possesses here is a good example of the forces Norway is facing in the race to own its own innovation within Artificial intelligence. As a result of technology's almost limitless possibilities, we will see radical changes in Norwegian business and industry. At the same time, the Korona pandemic, low oil prices, climate challenges and increased global competition are putting further pressure on our society.

We are not inviting you to the usual conversation about the dangers of Ai and the ethical implications. Instead we want to take a closer look at the enormous benefits of Artificial intelligence. It is a fact that technology will lead to a dramatic change in how we think about value creation, change and leadership. This will be a conversation about which smart choices we need to make for Norwegian businesses and industry to become world-leading. 


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