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NCCS Webinar - Thermopack – open source thermodynamics library

Thermodynamics is a core topic used to describe the nature around us, or process equipment in the industry.


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Presenters from SINTEF: Morten HammerResearch Scientist and Øivind WilhelmsenSenior Research Scientist

A typical task one is faced with in thermodynamics is that the temperature, pressure and composition of a fluid are known, but how dense the fluid is, how much energy it contains, or how much heat that must be supplied to change its temperature are unknown. All this information can be obtained from performing calculations with an equation of state, which is one of the main tools of thermodynamics.

Through decades of research at SINTEF Energy Research, we have developed a software that performs thermodynamic calculations on a large selection of equations of state. This software is called Thermopack. Thus far, Thermopack has only been available to us, and it has been a much-appreciated powerhouse. We want to share Thermopack with everybody making it open source.

Download Thermopack

In this webinar, we will showcase a few examples, where Thermopack has been a crucial building block. A short demonstration of how you can use the framework will also be given.


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