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LowEmission webinar - Wet Design Cables

The cleanliness of extruded cross-linked polyethylene cables has been steadily improved from the introduction of such cables in the late 60ties until today. This webinar will provide an overview of subsea cables with especial emphasis of design measures to mitigate ageing due to water molecule migration into the electrical insulation system.


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Presenter: Senior Research Scientist, Sverre Hvidsten

Current standards for testing of the wet performance of the extruded cable core and the water tightness of a non-metallic outer sheath system will be discussed.

The main challenge for wet designs is the formation of so-called water trees – a degradation mechanism discovered in 1967 in polyethylene cables used as stator windings for submersible motors.

If you wan to attende the webinar - contact Ragnhild Skorpa.

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