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LowEmission Webinar - Case study Partial Decarbonization of Johan Castberg by Ammonia Addition in Fuel

While full decarbonization of power production by Carbon free fuels is awaiting development, industrial validation, and adapted infrastructure of future technologies, an opportune head start could be to directly add ammonia, a widely transported product, into the natural gas.


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Presenter: Senior Research Scientist Mario Ditaranto, SINTEF

The Johan Castberg field to enter operation in 2022 will be operated by a FPSO equipped with two latest generation natural gas fired gas turbines delivered by Siemens, for which such an approach has been studied as a case study.

The webinar will present an experimental study performed on a downscaled version of the Siemens SGT750 gas turbine burner installed in SINTEF’s high pressure combustion facility HIPROX, and fuelled with methane/ammonia mixtures.

The experimental campaign focused on the effect of small and large shares of ammonia in methane on flame stability and emissions of atmospheric pollutants.

We will show quantitatively the impact on NOx emissions, the effect of pressure, the feasibility of the concept, and highlight the development needed in combustion technology before deployment.

If you wan to attende the webinar - contact Ragnhild Skorpa.

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