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Postponed - HighEFF Short course - Analysis and design of industrial energy recovery systems

Postponed - HighEFF Short course - Analysis and design of industrial energy recovery systems

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  • Heat Integration: Analysis/Targeting of Industrial Heat Recovery Systems
  • Heat Integration: Design of Heat Recovery Systems with focus on Heat Exchanger Networks and Integration of Heat Pumps, Heat Engines and Distillation Columns
  • Heat Integration: Retrofit of existing Heat Recovery Systems
  • Heat and Work Integration with a brief Introduction to Exergy

Lecturer: Professor Truls Gundersen, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU
Handouts: Lecture Slides and Assignment with Solutions will be provided electronically

Course content:
This one-day course spans from well established methods for increased energy efficiency through improved heat integration to more recent methods for energy integration where both thermal (heating and cooling) and mechanical (power) energies are taken into consideration.

To take home from the course is a mixture of systematic step-by-step methods, powerful representations and simple graphical diagrams that provide a “bird’s-eye view” of the energy system even for very complex processing plants. The methods are based on sound engineering principles and simple Thermodynamics, including the 1st and 2nd Law. The well-known Pinch Concept forms the basis for the course, while available
and emerging methods based on Optimization will only be briefly mentioned.

It has been suggested by leaders in large industrial companies around the world that the Pinch Concept is the single most important insight that has come from academic research the last decades, impacting to a large extent the way these companies think and operate.

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