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Business case development and hydrogen-CCS chain tool

This 'double' webinar presented and summarized the work in ELEGANCY on business case development and hydrogen-CCS chains.


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Business case development for H2-CCS integrated chains


This webinar presented the ELEGANCY business model selection and business case assessment framework, methodology and tools. This framework comprises workflows and optional elements for application to the delivery of integrated H2-CCS chains in the case study countries and elsewhere in different European settings. Subjects to be presented include:

  •  Assessing the business context, including the legal/regulatory, macro-economic, market and fiscal background to a H2-CCS development proposition;
  • Assessing the policy issues, business risks and incentive mechanisms impacting investment for the various actors in a H2-CCS value chain;
  • Processes and tools to develop business models and commercial structures including risk mitigation strategies;
  • A business case assessment methodology, framework and templates;
  •  Examples of the application of the methodology and tools to the UK’s H21 Roadmap for phased investment in H2-CCS infrastructure to cost effectively decarbonise residential heating in the north of England.


The work in ELEGANCY WP3 is presented by speakers from Sustainable Decisions Ltd (UK), First Climate AG (Switzerland) and the Faculty of Law of the University of Oslo (Norway).


H2-CCS chain tool and evaluation methodologies for integrated chains


ELEGANCY has studied the evaluation of integrated H2-CCS chains with respect to technological and economic efficiency, operability and environmental impact. To this end, we have

  • Developed an open-source systems modelling framework with a steady-state design mode and a dynamic operational mode.
  • Developed multiscale models and an integrated modelling approach for the chain components.
  • Applied the methodology in conjunction with case studies with respect to (i) the potential time evolution of the system and (ii) integrated assessments of proposed designs.

The work will be presented as follows (click on titles for slides):


Fore more information about ELEGANCY, please see the project website.


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