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CoolFish Workshop ICCC

A workshop was held during the 6th IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain (ICCC) in Nantes on the 26th of August 2020. It was originally planned to be an on-site workshop, but due to Covid-19 challenges it was decided to carry through as a hybrid online and on-site workshop. Participants and presenters were able to engange through MS Teams and from a conference studio in Nantes. Albeit challenging, the workshop was carried out succesfully with almost 30 attendees from all over the world!



Purpose of the workshop was in part to spread awareness of the CoolFish project and its objectives, and present relevant background information regarding processing of seafood, natural refrigerants, cold chain and current state of the fishing fleet. In addition, some project results regarding the investigation of utilizing cold energy from LNG was presented. Q&A were carried out after each presentation.

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All of the presentations are available, and can be read by clicking on the pictures in the list below. 

Coolfish presentation, Kristina N. Widell (SINTEF Ocean)

Energy efficiency in fish processing, Tom Ståle Nordtvedt (SINTEF Ocean)

Natural refrigerants, Trygve Eikevik (NTNU)

Utilization of cold from LNG, Muhammad Zahid Saeed (NTNU)

Cold chain technology brief on fishing vessel application, Didier Coulomb (IIR)

State of the fishing fleet, Alex C. Pachai (Johnson Controls)

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