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17th Nordic Laser Materials Processing Conference - NOLAMP17

The major impetus in the manufacturing industry is to develop more productive and robust process technologies to meet competitive challenges. The purpose of the NOLAMP conference is to present the newest scientific and industrial knowledge from the field of laser processing. The main topics of this year's NOLAMP conference are on 3D printing and additive manufacturing, laser welding, laser cladding and laser cutting.


Quality Hotel Augustin, Trondheim, Norway
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Over the past decades, laser processing has made some major steps towards industrial applications in a wide range of industries and has substituted many traditional industrial processing technologies. Laser is now vital key element in obtaining a sustainable economy in Europe and is vital in terms of competition with low labour costs countries. Processing using lasers is an area with continuous research and development which will result in new products with improved quality and performance.

Scope and topics

NOLAMP 17 will cover the recent laser research and development work performed by industries, institutes and universities. The conference will consist of both scientific and industrial contributions in the fields of:

  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing using lasers
  • Fundamental research on laser materials processing
  • Laser cutting and drilling
  • Laser welding, brazing, and soldering
  • Laser surface treatment, marking and forming
  • Laser assisted (hybrid) processing
  • Lasers and laser systems, including optics and beam delivery systems
  • Laser safety and environmental aspects of laser processing
  • Micro-joining and material removal
  • Monitoring, process sensing, and control of laser processing
  • Precision processing and ultrashort pulse laser processing
  • Industrial applications and experience
  • Quality control and standardization works in laser material processing

The scope covers fundamental and applied research on laser materials processing as basis for use in various industries. NOLAMP17, The Nordic Laser Materials Processing conference, is the 17th biannual conference in row. It has 32 years of history in four different Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, starting in Oslo 1987.

On behalf of the Nordic laser community, SINTEF Industry by its Department of Materials Integrity and Welding, it is a great pleasure to invite laser scientists, manufactures and industrial representatives in the laser community to the 17th NOLAMP conference taking place in Trondheim, known as the technology capitol of Norway.

Registration and fees

  • Early bird registration until May 27, 2019, fee: NOK 8000 (required for Non-Schengen states).
  • Deadline for registration of presenting author for scientific paper until July 1, 2019, fee: NOK 9000
  • Student fee: NOK 6000


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Quality Hotel Augustin, Kongens gt 26, Trondheim, Norway.