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Circular Economy Conference 2019

This years conference is all about "enabling the transition to a circular economy". The event will take place in Langesund, Norway, June 3rd-4th.


Hotel Skjærgården, Langesund
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Norway and the EU are prioritising a circular economy agenda to deliver the next generation of jobs, growth and investment. Research funds, innovation support, consumer demands and legislative requirements will provide opportunities for those businesses using resources more productively.

The Circular Economy Conference

The first conference dealt with "what is circular economy". Number two, we looked at potential value creation by resorting to circular economic thinking. In the third of our series, the Circular Economy Conference 2019 will explore the barriers that remain and the tools for overcoming them in the Norwegian transition to a circular economy.

Our program of speakers will give insight and inspiration on how to achieve this transition within organisations, value-chains and society as a whole, with an eye on product and service development, regional networks and alliances, for exchange energy and materials, and new governance and business models based on circular economy.


During the conference, you will get an insight into:

1 Circular economic boundaries in action – key learnings from the forefront

How does it work putting theory into practice – Implementing organisation-level aspects of circular economy, decision support tools and new business models in industry and the public sector? We will hear a "behind the scene learnings" from those at the front, and an honest insight to what kind of stumbling blocks they have in front of them today. This will give you some valuable insights into learnings and the actual way that the frontrunners have walked, that you can take in and use in your own work.


  • Linda Therese Wiik, Senior Advisor, Norsk Hydro. Innovation at Norsk Hydro. From aluminum to red-med, Hydro will tell us about when circularity works and when it's more of a struggle.
  • Marina Ettl, Director Application & Product Development, Yara. Circularity requires a systematic look into an organisation's processes, Yara tell us how they are detailing their way to effective resource use to feed a growing global population.
  • Thea Lyng Thomsen, Development Consultant, GreenLab Skive. How a local circular strategy attracts international businesses.

2 The old and the new circular economy enablers

How can we achieve innovation and commercialisation? And what are the factors for successful circular economy innovation and commercialisation within and across value-chains, and in public-private collaboration? We will hear about how tools can enable a transition towards a circular economy and what more is still needed.


  • Kjell Olav Maldum, Managing Director, Infinitum. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is being applied to more and more products. Infinitum will tell us why it works so well and how it sometimes doesn't.
  • Kirsten Svenja Wiebe, Researcher, SINTEF. Global sustainability effects of micro technological advances – some conceptual thoughts.
  • Helen Ann Hamilton, Postdoctoral Researcher, NTNU. Nutrients in a circular bioeconomy: Methods for optimizing resource use in the Norwegian food system.
  • Ivar Horneland Kristensen, CEO, Virke. How policy and governance are essential tools to enable a circular transition.
  • Eli Fyhn Ullern, Researcher, SINTEF. Summary day 1 World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki.
  • Rolf Olav Larsen, Vice President Pilot Arena, Herøya Industry Park. A resource smart future.
  • Cathrine Barth, Co-founder and Leader Strategy, Circular Norway. Wake-up call from World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki.
  • Gisle Mariani Mardal, Head of Innovation, Norwegian Fashion Hub. New digital design tools are changing business models and stemming the tide of textile waste.
  • Einar Rasmussen, Professor, Nord university, and Thomas Lauvås, Associate Professor, Nord university. Circular collaboration: Channels for innovation in university-industry relations.
  • Helene Hoggen, Senior Advisor, DiFi. How could circular public procurement put municipalities in the driver-seat of the circular economy?
  • Hans Christian Ellefsen, Leader Technology and Innovation, Regnskap Norge. Accounting and taxing regulations, do they stimulate or hinder the transition to a circular economy?

3 Facilitating the transition to a circular economy

We delve deepening into our understanding of the system conditions for the transition to circular economy, including policy instruments, user and citizen perspectives, technology, and research strategies. We will hear how cities and municipalities can drive the transition to circular consumers and circular industries.


  • Gargi Pareek, Market Advisor, Innovation Norway, Mumbai. From Mo I Rana to Mumbai, how Indian cities are embracing the circular economy and how Innovation Norway is exporting Norwegian innovation to the emerging market.
  • Jørn Paus, Project Manager, Equinor. How will our energy infrastructure look in a circular society?
  • Eili Vigestad Berge, the Norwegian Parliament. Circular economy, status and progress in the Norwegian Parliament.

Getting to the hotel

The conference takes place at Hotel Skjærgården in Langesund. You can get to the hotel:

  • By bus: TIMEkspressen or Sørlandsekspressen to Rugtvedt, then five minutes by taxi to the hotel.
  • By train: The nearest train station is Porsgrunn (30 km) or Skien (40 km), then there's a local bus to the hotel.
  • By taxi: We recommend Bamble Taxi, phone +47 359 60 220 blobid34.png .

Torp Sandefjord is the closest airport to the hotel, 45 minutes by car.

Newest book of Walter Stahel

As a participant of the conference, you will get a copy of Walter Stahel's newest book on circular economy. Walter Stahel is seen as the "granddad" of circular economy, and founder of The Product-Life Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Since the mid-1970s, Stahel has been an accomplished circular economy pioneer and an active proponent of circular thinking. During the conference, we will talk with Stahel on video as well.

Presentations, videos and photos

Here you can find the conference presentations, video stream of each presentation, summary video of Day 1 and 2, and conference photos:


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The event is hosted by SINTEF, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Nord university.



Stathelleveien 35, 3970 Langesund, Norway