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Workshop on Ion conducting ceramic electrochemical devices

Workshop on Ion conducting ceramic electrochemical devices: how interfaces and surfaces affect performance and Lifetime.


University of Oslo, Hagen 1-2, Oslo
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The nationally coordinated Nano2021 project "FOXCET: Functional oxides for clean energy technologies: fuel cells, gas separation membranes and electrolysers" and the M-ERANET project "SURKINOX: Designing rules for enhancing surface kinetics in functional oxides for clean energy technologies" are organizing a workshop focusing on proton and oxide ion conducting ceramic materials in electrochemical devices such as fuel cells, electrolysers, electrochemical pumps and reactors, and membranes.

The workshop addresses some of the following questions:

  • How surfaces and interfaces affect performance and lifetime?
  • What is the current progress in scaling up of these technologies?

For more information and workshop program - view/download (pdf)

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Problemveien 7, 0315 Oslo