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Workshop on Industry 4.0

Do you need help from industrial experts on Industry 4.0? Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and SINTEF are arranging a joint two-day workshop on Industry 4.0 in Oslo, the 19th and 20th of March.


KS Agenda Møtesenter
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Attend our 6-module workshop on Industry 4.0 and learn from the best manufacturing experts of Germany and Norway. The workshop is a company identified training, based on own cases, with a focus on working in small groups.

Digitalisation in smart factories

Receive first-hand information on how to proceed with digitalisation in smart factories. You need:

  • Basic skills in manufacturing and Industry 4.0
  • Have your own industrial case

There are 10 to 15 places available, and the price can be discussed. The workshop takes place at KS Agenda, and includes lunch at Trakteriet and a dinner on Monday evening. The workshop will be in English.

Module content

  • Module 1: Introduction and information. What does Industry 4.0 means for Norway? (Fraunhofer IPT, SINTEF).
  • Module 2: Smart Product, Smart Production and Smart Services. Driver trends and applications, be inspired to think outside the box (SINTEF, NTNU, Fraunhofer IPT).
  • Module 3. Smart devices in manufacturing. Do you see smart devices and applications as drivers? (SINTEF, Fraunhofer IPT).
  • Module 4: Platforms and data analytics, AI methods and analytics. How digitalized are you, analytics as enablers in manufacturing, challenges and current technologies (NTNU, SINTEF, Fraunhofer IPT).
  • Module 5: KPI's and road mapping (SINTEF, Fraunhofer IPT). Most used KPI's, which one didn't you think of? Create a roadmap.
  • Module 6. Case discussions, audit and business models (own cases and examples). Can road mapping show possible new Norwegian company specific business models?

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This workshop is linked to the research project CPS Plant.

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