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Circular Economy Conference 2018

More value from less resources.


Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim
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The conference focuses on how the circular economy can create value for businesses and society, and will include speakers from academia and private industry. Central topics are circular design, business models for a circular economy and innovation through collaboration.

The conference will include presentations and panel discussions featuring renowned researchers within circular economy and leading Norwegian businesses presenting relevant projects and views on why and how the circular economy is necessary and will create value for firms and society. 


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More value of less resources

Today's economic model of "take, make, dispose" is reaching its physical limits and must be replaced. In the circular economy, the aim is to keep the value and utility of products, materials and components as high as possible for as long as possible. The winners of tomorrow will be the companies that are able to create more value out of less resources. This demands an innovative mindset, a long-term perspective, new business models and willingness to collaborate.

Join this conference hosted by SINTEF, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Nord University in Trondheim to see, hear and meet circular economy experts, companies, and researchers with an interest and passion for change.

Circular Economy Conference Topics

Topic 1: Circular Design

Circular design is a prerequisite for the circular economy. Design influences business models, consumer behaviour and circularity of resources.

Topic 2: Circular Business

There is a need for rethinking business models and operations strategies, which can lead to both increased value creation and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Topic 3: Collaboration

Collaboration is another prerequisite and enabler for the circular economy. Co-innovation and shared value creation are important aspects in this respect.

Topic 4: Digitalization

The digital technology development, including Internet of Things and Blockchain technology, may be facilitators for the transition to a circular economy.

Topic 5: Potential and Barriers for CE in Norway

Norwegian industry actors will share their thoughts on the future of Norwegian companies value creation in a circular economy. What are the opportunities? And what are the barriers?

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Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, Norway