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Workshop, HSE and ELSA in energy and environmentally friendly technologies

The NANO2021 projects FOXCET, THELMA, are organizing a Workshop to discuss HSE-ELSA challenges related to the technologies under development.


Norges forskningsråd
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The workshop aims to create an arena for discussion between technologists and ELSA-HSE scholars, and addresses some of the following questions:

  • What are the main concerns technologists meet related to ELSA-HSE issues?
  • How to strengthen the cooperation between technologists and ELSA-HSE community?


09:15 Registration and coffee
09:45 Welcome and introduction of the workshop, by Rune Bredesen SINTEF, coordinator of FOXCET

09:55 Presentation from NFR representative

From ELSA to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), by Heidrun Åm NTNU

10:50 Break: formation of groups
11:00 Group work: Map different concrete ethical, legal, and social aspects in THELMA and FOXCET
11:30 Break: get back to plenary, hang up posters 11:40 Public engagement and RRI activities
12:30 Lunch
13:15 The importance of standardised methods in environmental assessment of nanomaterials: Tales from the NANoREG and NorNANoREG projects, by Andy Booth SINTEF
13:35 Are nanomaterials safe to use? by Lise Fjellsbø and Elise Rundén Pran NILU

13:55 Examples of release and exposure (health and environment) of nano-materials in a cradle to grave perspective, by Thomas Kuhlbusch IUTA
14:25 Effects of nanoparticles on humans, by Asbjørn Magne Nilsen NTNU
14:45 Break
14:55 Integrating HSE into the innovation process at Saint-Gobain by Adam Stevenson Saint-Gobain
15:25 Panel discussion
15:55 Summary
16:00 Closure

The workshop is for the project members, but some "seats" are available for other persons to come. Register to the contact person.

Contact person


Drammensveien 288,0283 Oslo