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Data format and tools for patient journeys

Patient pathways and patient journeys are important concept within healthcare, and are used by professionals with different backgrounds. The master topic will 1) develop a data format for patient journeys based on the CJML language and 2) explore various tools to document patient journeys.

Master Project

Pathway is a research project financed by the Research council of Norway. Partners are University of Oslo and Aalto university in Finland. More information about the project can be found here.

Research Topic focus

Patient pathways have become an important concept within healthcare, and is used by professionals with different backgrounds, for example clinicians, coordinators, and technologists. The lack of an overall framework for patient pathways has resulted in a number of non-standardized descriptions and definitions, and clarifications of concepts rarely occur.

The master thesis will focus on the patient perspective, i.e., the patient journey. This is the chronological chain of encounters (touchpoints) between a patient and the healthcare system during a period of illness or sickness.

• Explore and develop a data format for patient journeys, building on the CJML language
• Develop tools for documenting and visualizing patient journeys
• Testing of the tool with end users

This thesis involve collaboration with health partners and allows for testing with end-users.

Expected Results and Learning Outcome

You will get experience in user-centred design, collection of user requirements, and user testing.


• You should have insight in standards like XML or JSON
• You should have programming experience
• And most importantly, you should have a passion for user-friendly solutions


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