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Old News

2016-11-14: On November 9, Ketil Stølen presented Privacy from a cyber perspective at the public seminar Cybersecurity and privacy -- Hand in hand or each on their own? organized by SINTEF.

2016-11-14: On November 9, Aida Omerovic presented Transparent real-time monitoring of privacy at the public seminar Cybersecurity and privacy -- Hand in hand or each on their own? organized by SINTEF.

2016-11-14: On November 10, Gencer Erdogan presented CORAL - a model-based approach to risk-driven security testing, at the event Security and Apps organized by NITO.

2016-11-07: The next public seminar organized by the Cyber Risk group will be held on November 9, 2016. The topic of the seminar is Cybersecurity and privacy -- Hand in hand or each on their own? The seminar has speakers from The Norwegian Digital Learning Arena, Norwegian Computing Center, The Norwegian Data Protection Authority, and SINTEF.

2016-11-04: Microsoft Visio 2013 stencil for the CORAS language is now available at the CORAS website. The stencil is also compatible with Microsoft Visio 2016.

2016-11-02: On 18 October 2016 Gencer Erdogan presented the following papers at the 4th International Workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk-driven Quality Assurance (RISK'16) held in conjunction with the 28th International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS'16):

  • Gencer Erdogan, Aida Omerovic, Marit Natvig and Isabelle C.R. Tardy: Towards Transparent Real-Time Privacy Risk Assessment of Intelligent Transport Systems.
  • Gencer Erdogan and Ketil Stølen: Design Decisions in the Development of a Graphical Language for Risk-Driven Security Testing.

2016-09-05: On September 1, Fredrik Seehusen presented the paper Differentiating Cyber Risk of Insurance Customers: The Insurance Company Perspective at the International Cross Domain Conference and Workshop (CD-ARES'16). The paper was authored by Inger Anne Tøndel, Erlend Andreas Gjære, Fredrik Seehusen, and Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe.

2016-07-18: The WISER project has published a technical report (D3.2 - Cyber risk modelling language and guidelines, preliminary version) that describes how to define machine-readable algorithms based on CORAS diagrams to support real-time cyber risk assessment in the WISER platform.

2016-06-30: The WISER project has published a technical report (D3.1 - Cyber risk patterns) that describes common cyber risk patterns expressed in CORAS and how these patterns are used in the WISER platform to support real-time cyber risk assessment.

2016-05-23: The paper A Model-Based Approach to Support Safety-Related Decisions in the Petroleum Domain authored by Leonardo Montecchi, Atle Refsdal, Paolo Lollini, and Andrea Bondavalli, in context of the CONCERTO project, will be presented on July 1 at the 46th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks.

2016-04-28: On April 27, the DIAMONDS project received the EUREKA Innovation Award.

2016-04-22: The WISER project has launched its innovative tool Cyber Wiser Light for cyber security assessment. The tool is available free of charge to any organization interested in obtaining a high-level view of their cyber risk exposure.

2016-04-13: ITS Norway and SINTEF is holding a workhop related to privacy in the context of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The workshop is open to public and will be held on May 4 at Dronning Maudsgt 15, Oslo. Time: 08:30-15:30.

2016-03-11: On February 20, Gencer Erdogan presented the paper Evaluation of the CORAL Approach for Risk-driven Security Testing based on an Industrial Case Study (poster), and the EU-project WISER (poster), at the 2nd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP'16).

2015-10-14: Selected extracts from the book Cyber-Risk Management (Springer 2015) are freely available from Springer, namely the preface, the table of contents, as well as a sample chapter (Chapter 9: Risk Evaluation).

2015-09-17: On September 15, Bjørnar Solhaug gave the tutorial Tool-Supported Cyber-Risk Assessment at the Security Assessment for Systems, Services and Infrastructures (SASSI'15) workshop. PDF of the slides are available.

2015-09-03: New book on risk management and assessment with respect to cybersecurity. A. Refsdal, B. Solhaug and K. Stølen: Cyber-Risk Management (Springer, 2015). The book can be ordered from Springer in printed version or electronically. See also the product flyer.