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Industry seminars with Digital Process Innovation

Twice a year, we organize industry seminars together with our partners. We gather researchers and practitioners to share the very latest in research and experience on a topic that is particularly relevant and important!

We spend a lot of time creating a good program that gives the audience useful experiences that they can take home and use in their own organization. At the same time, this is a good meeting place where you meet others who are working on the same challenges. The seminars are only for invited guests from our research projects and other networks, but we have started to record lectures and share them afterwards.

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Previous seminars

Product development of the future

Product development of the future: Generative AI and new models for organization

This seminar focused on generative AI and how it affects the workday of agile teams and developers, as well as new models for organization. Practitioners and researchers shared their experiences and good ideas.

From project to product development

From project to product development

In the era of digitalization and digital transformation, projects are no longer sufficient to be innovative and to deliver what is expected. It is time to move from projects to product development.

SINTEF, Knowit, and several Norwegian and international companies and actors in the public sector have looked into this. They provide you with insight, research, and experience that can help you succeed with product development.

The hybrid workday

The hybrid workday

When the pandemic started, everyone had to work from home. This led to major changes for both employers and employees, and “you are muted” has become one of the most used sentences in Norwegian workplaces.

What happens when we now return to the office? Should everyone return? How do we achieve collaboration and innovation? How do you build culture? And what is the rest of the world doing that we can learn from?

Previous seminars (without recordings)

Data driven organizations
Agile requirements
Non-functional requirements in agile development
Large scale agile development
Distributed agile development
Innovation in agile projects
Autonomous teams
Agile teams
Continuous learning
Agile leadership
Software Process Improvement in large projects

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