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Mobility and Economics

Our research contributes to the benefit assessment of investments made in society, and to an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport system. We develop research-based knowledge and solutions in close dialogue with clients in business and public administration. Our research contributes with knowledge of the economic effects of innovation and change processes in the public sector and private sector. This is central in order to prioritize resources in a long-term and sustainable manner, both at individual, organizational and system level. Mobility is central to modern societies. Through the National Transport Plan, Norway priorities major values for the transport infrastructure. The overall goal is a secure transport system that promotes value creation and contributes to the conversion to the low-emission society. SINTEF develops knowledge and solutions that provide better decision making for these investments. We have solid competence and long, strong traditions within the department's research areas of economics and mobility. The department's researchers have broad interdisciplinary composition and we are well equipped to carry out complex projects at the intersection of technology, organization and humanity. We work closely with other parts of SINTEF to develop new business areas and to ensure our customers the best skills. The department has three research groups: Economics - Sustainable mobility - Digitization in transport

Research Director
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