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SINTEF Battery Lab

SINTEF has established a large laboratory for battery research in Trondheim. Here we are further developing our competence and expanding our research activities on materials for different battery technologies. SINTEF Battery Lab also contains an R&D pilot line for manufacturing and testing of battery cells using scalable, industrially applicable equipment.

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SINTEF Battery Lab a part of NABLA
Lab is realised with financing from SINTEF and The Research Council of Norway and is a part of NABLA – Norwegian Advanced Battery Laboratory Infrastructure (

The primary goal for NABLA is to provide a national infrastructure dedicated to the battery research and development to Norwegian research and industrial organization.

NABLA covers research needs and interests of the battery field and is built upon expertise of six major Norwegian research institutions within battery research: IFE, NTNU, SINTEF, UiA, UiO and FFI.

SINTEF conducts research on all stages of battery cell production
SINTEF Battery Lab contains a 150 m2 dry room from Weiss Technik with a dew point down to -60 °C. This room contains a complete line electrode production line:

  • Mixing battery materials (slurry)
    • Turbula and centrifugal mixers
    • Eirich high shear mixing and degassing units
  • Evaluation of rheological properties
    • Anton Parr rheometer
  • Produce electrodes (coating, drying, compresses)
    • Mathis AG  knife and slot die, roll-to-roll coater for continuous and intermittent coating of electrodes with up to 200mm width (250 mm foil width). Infrared pre-dryer and two conventional drying chambers.
    • Mathis AG roll-to-roll calendar with up to 45 ton line pressure and heated rolls for electrode compaction
  • Assembling battery cells in a dry atmosphere
    • Digatron assembly line for pouch cells consisting of electrode cutting unit, Z-stacker, ultrasonic tab welder, pouch forming unit, pouch sealing unit, electrolyte filling and degassing unit

Electrochemical formation and battery testing
We have equipment for electrochemical formation and battery testing in order to determine performance and cycle life, from the following manufacturers: Biologic, Metrohm Autolab, LANDT, NOVONIX, NEWARE

We are continuously expanding our equipment park for battery testing, and currently we have a total of 250 test channels for small and medium size battery cells as well as 120 channels for larger cells, including 16 channels for high precision testing.

Virtual tour of SINTEF Battery Lab

Virtual tour of SINTEF Battery Lab

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Visitting address:
SINTEF, Bratsbergvegen 5, 7031 Trondheim

Postal address:
SINTEF Industry, P.O.Box 4760 Torgarden, NO-7465 Trondheim, Norway