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SINTEF Battery Lab

SINTEF will promote research and expertise in battery development in Europe. SINTEF will take the lead on tomorrow's battery solutions and exploit digital technology opportunities.

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Sustainable battery research

Research and development projects funded by both the Research Council of Norway and the EU focus on developing batteries that will have less Lithium, less Nickel, and no Cobalt, which makes them more environmentally friendly.

SINTEF`s research include the entire battery value chain

  • Development of battery materials
  • Advanced material characterization
  • Production of battery cells
  • Testing at both cellular and module level to determine performance and lifetime
  • Reusing and recycling batteries
  • Life cycle and material flow analysis

SINTEF conducts research on all stages of battery cell production

  • Mixing battery materials (slurry)
  • Produce electrodes (coating, drying, compresses)
  • Assembling battery cells in a dry atmosphere
  • Electrochemical preparation (formation)
  • Testing finished batteries (determining performance and service life)

Contact information

Visitting address:
SINTEF, Bratsbergvegen 5, 7031 Trondheim

Postal address:
SINTEF Industry, P.O.Box 4760 Torgarden, NO-7465 Trondheim, Norway