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Reservoir Laboratory

The Reservoir laboratory provides methods and equipment for performing experiments at reservoir and production conditions.

Our scientific focus is on reservoir technology, in particular studying EOR methods and CO2 storage applications. One of our core activities in the lab is core-flooding experiments, with fluid analysis as a support activity. Another main activity is numerical and analytical modelling studies, alone or in combination with laboratory experiments to increase the value of the principal investigation.

As a research laboratory, our strength lies in performing experiments that are unconventional or demanding, for example at high temperature and/or high pressure conditions (HPHT), and with varied fluids, rocks, or data collection requirements. For many experiments, we assemble fit-for-purpose equipment to obtain the desired results. If needed, we modify or design custom-made equipment for our customers and ourselves.

As part of the entire SINTEF group, we also have access to laboratories and knowledge outside our main areas of competence. This allows us to engage in initiatives and projects of a larger dimension.

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Contact information

Postal address:
P.O. Box 4763 Torgarden, NO-7465 Trondheim
Visiting address:
S.P. Andersens vei 15 A, NO-7031 Trondheim
Phone: +47 464 17 000