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Laboratory for fabrication and granulation of solid inorganic materials

Laboratory for fabrication and granulation of solid inorganic materials have different types of equipment to modify powders to particles with different morphologies and sizes and requested properties.

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Photo: SINTEF / Melinda Gaal

General description of equipment and competence
For many applications it is necessary to modify synthesized powders to required particle size and size distribution, morphology and porosity. Examples of use of these materials are handling and transport of powder for different processes (e.g. electrowinnig of aluminium and fluidized bed processes. Powders can be modified using different methods e.g. spray drying, agglomeration, granulation, spray coating and pelletizing. SINTEF has equipment for all these methods in different batch sizes. Most of these methods can be scaled up and SINTEF has several partners which can assist with further scale up and test production.

Description of equipment:

  • Buchi B-290 Laboratory Spray Dryer:
    • Particle size: 2-25 mm, Extensions possible (inert, different nozzles), Max production 1 l/h, Filters to collect particle dust.
  • ProCept Spray Dryer
    • Particle size1-150 mm, Batch size up to some kilograms dry product. different nozzles, extended column length resulting in larger particles.
  • GEA Mobile Minor:
    • Particle size: 5-80 mm, Inert gas (nitrogen) is possible, Max production 6 kg/h, filters to collect particle dust.
  • Glatt ProCell LabSystems
    • Spray coating, Spray granulation and agglomeration using batch or continuous production
  • Nabertherm rotating furnace
    • Rotating furnace with tilting and temperature up to 1200 °C in different atmosphere.

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