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High Throughput laboratory - Oslo

The High Throughput laboratory can be divided in three main activates: 1) design and construction of high-throughput equipment, 2) parallel synthesis of materials, and 3) parallel screening of materials properties. We provide automated custom made high precisions equipment for a wide range of applications. Development and application of combinatorial and parallel approaches are used to accelerate the research and development of a large number of industrially relevant processes.

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High Throughput synthesis lab is equipped with liquid and powder dosing robots, and autoclaves suitable for high pressure and high temperature synthesis. The autoclaves can provide either 24 or 48 samples in parallel. Additionally, a range of in-house developed tools for parallel handling of most usual workflows in synthesis of catalysts and adsorbent materials is available.
Standard characterization like XRD, SEM, UV/Vis, and TG-MS can also be done high throughput or semi high throughput manner.

High Throughput reactor lab has several parallel reactor systems (8 to 48 parallel reactors) which have been developed specifically for realistic testing in industrially important processes. The reactor systems have been used in processes and applications such as:

  • Petrochemical processes
  • NOx / deNOx chemistry
  • CO2 capture
  • CO2 utilization
  • Adsorption/storage studies in general
  • TPD, TPX experiments (in-situ)

Autoclaves for parallel hydrothermal/solvothermal synthesis

  • Temperature up to 200 °C
  • Pressure up to 50 bar
  • Possibilities for various after treatments:
    • Ion exchange
    • Impregnations
    • Heat treatments (oxidation, reduction, chlorination etc)
    • Steaming/aging

High Throughput reactor lab is equipped with parallel reactor systems (8 to 48 parallel reactors) for screening of catalysts and adsorbents at industrially relevant conditions:

  • Pressure: 1-50 bar
  • Temperature: 25-600 °C (800 °C at 1 bar).
  • Space velocities (GHSW) 1500-120 000h-1
  • Fixed bed configuration

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